PASWG OCs, an Introduction of Sorts

When there is an amazingly kawaii desu animu that is so amazingly kawaii desu, fans tend to make their own amazingly kawaii desu fan characters or original characters, abbreviated as "FCs" or "OCs". These are characters created by fans that are to be thrust into the amazingly kawaii desu series the fans love oh-so-much. These characters are made for purely entertaining purposes.

Many OCs appear as long-lost family members, past lovers, exchange students, and more. Each character will have background stories that provide alibis for the sudden appearance and previous absences of said OC.

These are what we call "Mary-Sues". But Our OC are totally Different and we try our best to try and STAY way from that path

The Aft End

This is a little wiki I made for my friends and myself. There are quite a lot of PaSwG OCs, and yes a lot of them are enjoyable, fun,, funny, laugh out loud-worthy, and even "what the fuck"-worthy... Not to mention "for the win"-worthy.

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